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To Blog Or Not To Blog...

So I've been pondering this for a while. Should I blog? Should I let you all in to my mind while trying to promote a healthy professionalism that is a videography business? Of course I should!

What else is a freelancer going to do when a freelancer isn't doing anything? Exactly.

Being a videographer is pretty complicated. There are many aspects to creating each video: you have the lighting, sound, cameras, lenses, editing software, colour grading, animations and graphics – that's just the tip of the iceberg! This is why I've decided to document it through this blog right here right now. I'll let you see exactly what I do, how I get clients, the process of making videos... I may even teach myself a thing or two, who knows?

All I know is that writing this down makes life as a freelancer a little bit more fun.

This is a picture of me filming a plane... you see? Fun.

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